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Nature Spell Rose Water Face Toner 200ml

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Our unique triple-purified rose water toner is enriched with gentle skin-loving ingredients designed to give the most effective cleanse whilst leaving your skin feeling hydrated and rejuvenated.
Suitable for all skin types, our rose water toner is an extraordinary facial toner that helps absorb excess oil on your skin and constricts the pores. Our unique triple-purified rose water formulation gives you the most gentle astringent you can use on your skin.
Helps to restore skin pH balance to protect, restore and moisturise your skin, to help reduce breakouts, prevents prolonged dryness.

Rose Water Toner Benefits

Refreshes and hydrates
Soothes skin irritation
Suitable for all skin types
Rejuvenates tired skin
Absorbs excess oil
Restores skin pH balance
Smells nice!
Not Tested On Animals
Suitable For Vegan